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Taste symmetries!

July 8, 2009

Nothing as a new day, isn’t it my dear, dear blog?

Well, here I am, very disappointed after trying to cook a pão de queijo, a.k.a., Cheese bun. I had everything: the “cheese bun ready meal”, 2 eggs and water. So I started mixing as the instructions indicated, and guess what? I did it wrong! (Of course it would happen!) I put water twice as much as was needed! The result? A messy pasta, much more likely to a glue than to a food, and of which I couldn’t take away from my hands! I didn’t have more of that ready meal, but I had some grated cheese, then I put everything together. Well, it didn’t solve my problem, and I kept with the thing glued in my hands.

I decided to move on and put to bake just like that! Of course, I put an arbitrary temperature that I would discover was wrong a few minutes later, with the smell,.. but ok! After figuring it out that the “thing” could be almost burning, I went to the kitchen to see it. Can you believe it seemed ok? Yeah, than I decided to experiment it and was really delicioussss, sooooo delicious! Incredible! Here follows the whole picture:

So now I let my “big lesson of the day”: If you are cooking and you imagine that something you did can compromise everything, relax! Actually taste is invariant under scale transformations, and forced (in my case by my incompetence!) symmetry breaking! My experiments just proved!


Why can’t you sleep?

July 7, 2009

Well dear blog, it is almost 6 AM and I can’t sleep!

Yes, as it seems I am “very happy”, and you know why? Because a damn fly, (this one here) a.k.a. blow-fly decided to enter into my room’s window. And you know what? It is soooooo disgusting that it’s impossible to sleep in its company!

Ok, I had a big problem! So I started to think about what to do to take it away. First I was kind of lucky, because this damn insect stopped at my table light and I just took it outside the window. Then I was just getting back to sleep, when that unbearable zzzzzummzzz started again. So I decided to wake up and kill this bastard! The problem was that this thing stopped, this second time, at the top wall, and I really didn’t want to take something to smash it, because I was quite sure that gravity would work very quickly to bring it towards my direction again. So see how a theoretical physicist (woman) can solve the problem:

First you need to put this bastard away from the top wall. So you take your hair dryer and put it in the direction of the damn fly. Ok the thing will start flying like a crazy fly, then you have to stop using your hair dryer on it, but make sure the beast is not in the top anymore. In my case it went to some lateral wall, and it was in a good height for my size. Then I had to do something to kill it! I didn’t want to smash it, because we never know how many mini-maggots it will have, so I decided to put it in a recipe and close it forever!

Here is the proof of the crime:
See, it really works! I will let this disgusting fly dying slowly, and when I have news about the process I will tell! Lets see how long it takes!

Now I can really get back to sleep! Good day for those who will enjoy a beautiful morning here in Brazil! See you in the afternoon! =)

Landau and Tisza are definetly not BFF!

July 7, 2009

Dear blog, here we go again..

I should have been studying, but you know, things are ideal only in our textbooks.. But moving on, I cannot understand what my dog saw outside! Actually he is in the middle of the window for a while, and of course, once he is using the table to “discover the world out there” I cannot do any calculations, because in order to do so I reeeeeally need the table! I’ll let my dog be happy for a few more minutes and enjoy the internet! (Of course my advisor will love to know it!)

This is the ridiculous scene I am observing:

But I didn’t decided to write a new post just to tell the world what my dog is doing, no. Actually I was having fun with a Physical Review Letter to the Editor (volume 75, number 5, March 1, 1949) and I thought it could be funny to paste some parts here. It is a letter by Landau, named “On the Theory of Superfluidity”. In this letter, Linday Lohan, ops, I mean, Landau, starts a “battle” with Laslo Tisza due to some considerations the latter did about a previous work of the first. Let’s see some parts:
Blah, blah, blah.. “..Such a comparison shows excellent agreement between the theory and the experimental error. Therefore, one must consider as a mere misunderstanding Tisza’s assertion that this formula is in conflict with experiment“.

The hydrodynamics equations given by Tisza are, in my opinion, quite unsatisfactory. Is is easy to see that in their exact form they even violate the conservation laws!!!

And then Landau said again something like “my theory is better and his, that can be reduced to mine in some cases” and comes with “Unfortunately, however, he obtains the correct result by using an incorrect assumption of the proportionality between the entropy and the normal part of the density of Helium II. Tisza’s effort to give a thermodynamical foundation for this assumption is quite unconvincing and the formulas giving actually show that such a proportionality is absent“.

Well, after some point Landau used terms like “unconvincing remarks” and so on. I will not transcribe everything here, but you can find the complete “soap opera” just clicking the link above.

Of course Tisza had something to say about it: “Landau criticizes our ideas not so much because of their internal inconsistency but because they do not follow from his theory of phonons and rotons. We are frankly impressed by the audacity and power of Landau’s approach but we feel he has introduced into his theory more or less disguised assumptions which canot claim the same degree of certainty as the principles pf quantum mechanics“.

Well, nothing like Hungarian class, isn’t it? Despite this “not even an epsilon” friendly behavior of Landau (in my opinion, of course), I still think his original article on the Superfluidity of Helium II is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read in Physics. Probably it is the best thing about superfluidity at all, though I didn’t read Tisza’s articles and thus I cannot compare with these. It is full of insights and many simple argumentations that make lots of sense. The best part is that it is super clear! Really really amazing!

When Thermodynamics cross the line

July 7, 2009

Well, dear blog again!

As I said I was cooking when I had this crazy idea of having another blog to “distract me”. I have to say that did a veeeery delicious rice with zucchini, garlic and coconut milk. Hmmm, it was soooo tasty, and I was just adjusting the salt level on it when that “very bad instructed” droplet of hot water came directly towards my hand and the heat transfer established! “Oh my, I hate Thermodynamics” I though.. And of course I started thinking about Thermo (as much as I wanted to “kill” that fu#%ing heat transfer)..

So I thought about some “real life thermodynamical equilibrium situations”, and by this I mean situations in which we (here I really mean us) are part of a global system, and I could just figure it out one or two (with variations) in which “heat transfer” can be actually really good (too early to talk about it!). This lead me to the conclusion that in general, Thermodynamics can be very cruel!

Interested in what people think about this subject, I went to Google and put “heat trasfer” in the images search. Look what I found:
This is a classical example of the “thermodynamical cruel intentions”, a perfect image to support my theory! Do you see that thing similar to an ondulatory axis?(don’t know the name in English.. rs..) It is pointing directly towards the hand in the draw! What do you think will happen next? (The red color is just to emphasize the “dangerouness” of the thing.. ahah)

If cruel or not, take care because situations involving thermodynamical equilibrium can be very tricky! In some cases, like my hand just here, it can hurt a lot! ;P

Welcome world!

July 6, 2009

Dear blog! I am starting you just now, and if you survive more than 3 months “lucky you”.. =) So for now, welcome world!

Just a brief explanation: the idea about this blog came when I was cooking. I don’t know if anyone can wait something of it, but anyway, I want to “control” my daily studies, and as I cannot get away from the internet, I decided I would write about my research subject and about other related things (or not!) here.. At least I will feel better than when I spend all day testing a new hair moisturizer, and I can practice my English writing!
“Hello, World!” [saved as hello.hs]
$ ghc -o hello hello.hs
$ ./hello
Hello, World!

And after this Haskell demonstration, I think my boyfriend will be proud of me! =)