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Welcome world!

July 6, 2009

Dear blog! I am starting you just now, and if you survive more than 3 months “lucky you”.. =) So for now, welcome world!

Just a brief explanation: the idea about this blog came when I was cooking. I don’t know if anyone can wait something of it, but anyway, I want to “control” my daily studies, and as I cannot get away from the internet, I decided I would write about my research subject and about other related things (or not!) here.. At least I will feel better than when I spend all day testing a new hair moisturizer, and I can practice my English writing!
“Hello, World!” [saved as hello.hs]
$ ghc -o hello hello.hs
$ ./hello
Hello, World!

And after this Haskell demonstration, I think my boyfriend will be proud of me! =)

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