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When Thermodynamics cross the line

July 7, 2009

Well, dear blog again!

As I said I was cooking when I had this crazy idea of having another blog to “distract me”. I have to say that did a veeeery delicious rice with zucchini, garlic and coconut milk. Hmmm, it was soooo tasty, and I was just adjusting the salt level on it when that “very bad instructed” droplet of hot water came directly towards my hand and the heat transfer established! “Oh my, I hate Thermodynamics” I though.. And of course I started thinking about Thermo (as much as I wanted to “kill” that fu#%ing heat transfer)..

So I thought about some “real life thermodynamical equilibrium situations”, and by this I mean situations in which we (here I really mean us) are part of a global system, and I could just figure it out one or two (with variations) in which “heat transfer” can be actually really good (too early to talk about it!). This lead me to the conclusion that in general, Thermodynamics can be very cruel!

Interested in what people think about this subject, I went to Google and put “heat trasfer” in the images search. Look what I found:
This is a classical example of the “thermodynamical cruel intentions”, a perfect image to support my theory! Do you see that thing similar to an ondulatory axis?(don’t know the name in English.. rs..) It is pointing directly towards the hand in the draw! What do you think will happen next? (The red color is just to emphasize the “dangerouness” of the thing.. ahah)

If cruel or not, take care because situations involving thermodynamical equilibrium can be very tricky! In some cases, like my hand just here, it can hurt a lot! ;P

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