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Why can’t you sleep?

July 7, 2009

Well dear blog, it is almost 6 AM and I can’t sleep!

Yes, as it seems I am “very happy”, and you know why? Because a damn fly, (this one here) a.k.a. blow-fly decided to enter into my room’s window. And you know what? It is soooooo disgusting that it’s impossible to sleep in its company!

Ok, I had a big problem! So I started to think about what to do to take it away. First I was kind of lucky, because this damn insect stopped at my table light and I just took it outside the window. Then I was just getting back to sleep, when that unbearable zzzzzummzzz started again. So I decided to wake up and kill this bastard! The problem was that this thing stopped, this second time, at the top wall, and I really didn’t want to take something to smash it, because I was quite sure that gravity would work very quickly to bring it towards my direction again. So see how a theoretical physicist (woman) can solve the problem:

First you need to put this bastard away from the top wall. So you take your hair dryer and put it in the direction of the damn fly. Ok the thing will start flying like a crazy fly, then you have to stop using your hair dryer on it, but make sure the beast is not in the top anymore. In my case it went to some lateral wall, and it was in a good height for my size. Then I had to do something to kill it! I didn’t want to smash it, because we never know how many mini-maggots it will have, so I decided to put it in a recipe and close it forever!

Here is the proof of the crime:
See, it really works! I will let this disgusting fly dying slowly, and when I have news about the process I will tell! Lets see how long it takes!

Now I can really get back to sleep! Good day for those who will enjoy a beautiful morning here in Brazil! See you in the afternoon! =)

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