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Taste symmetries!

July 8, 2009

Nothing as a new day, isn’t it my dear, dear blog?

Well, here I am, very disappointed after trying to cook a pão de queijo, a.k.a., Cheese bun. I had everything: the “cheese bun ready meal”, 2 eggs and water. So I started mixing as the instructions indicated, and guess what? I did it wrong! (Of course it would happen!) I put water twice as much as was needed! The result? A messy pasta, much more likely to a glue than to a food, and of which I couldn’t take away from my hands! I didn’t have more of that ready meal, but I had some grated cheese, then I put everything together. Well, it didn’t solve my problem, and I kept with the thing glued in my hands.

I decided to move on and put to bake just like that! Of course, I put an arbitrary temperature that I would discover was wrong a few minutes later, with the smell,.. but ok! After figuring it out that the “thing” could be almost burning, I went to the kitchen to see it. Can you believe it seemed ok? Yeah, than I decided to experiment it and was really delicioussss, sooooo delicious! Incredible! Here follows the whole picture:

So now I let my “big lesson of the day”: If you are cooking and you imagine that something you did can compromise everything, relax! Actually taste is invariant under scale transformations, and forced (in my case by my incompetence!) symmetry breaking! My experiments just proved!

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